Lessons from a Child

This was written by a 3rd grade child in Brandon, Fl.  The teacher follows my blog and forwarded it to me.  This was the actual message.

Our first week of school we read this book to the kids and it prompted them to write.  The book is called the better part of me.  Its a collection of stories from kids they write about one part of their body they are really proud of and they explain why.  Well I have this one sweet little girl in my class she wrote about her heart.  My eyes watered when I read this, she was so cute and so sweet.  I wanted to share her short story with you.. Now its not perfect these are 3rd graders kids just learning how to put a story together and explain with details.  Hope you enjoy it.
I must say I was very touched personally, because of my health condition, but was so impressed by the way this child thinks about “her favorite body part”.  We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and lose focus.  Without our health, we could have all the desire and good intentions, but we will not be able to achieve our dreams.  Hope you enjoy this essay and the expression of this child. Click on the picture to get a better image.

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