Does positive thinking lead to positive results?

written by Milja Saldarriaga

Well, does it? If you think positively will you get positive results? Many people argue this point. Some say only action leads to positive results, others say prayer, while others say it’s just pure luck.

This whole blog is about teaching people to think positively. To stop dwelling in the past and thinking negatively. How would you rather spend your time? Thinking how everything can go wrong? Well, what if it doesn’t? What if at the end of the day everything went well & nothing went wrong? You would have wasted precious time that you can never recapture, on thinking of all the bad things that could have happened but never did. Wouldn’t it have been better thinking of all the good things that could have or might have happened?

Usually when moments in our lives hit a road block or we are forced to face a tough issue, we just naturally think the worst. It’s hard to think positively, to think of that silver lining or see that rainbow, but that is exactly when you have to look. When you have to dig deep and look hard and find that rainbow. You look for that inner strength we all have that will help us pass the hardship.

There were several moments during my husband’s forty days in the hospital that I had to keep looking for that silver lining. During the days before the surgery, I never knew what was going to happen. No matter how I felt I had to keep a smile on my face. My husband was scared, he was fighting for his life, and he was worried about me. I had to be strong so that he could be strong and fight whatever battle he had to fight.

There was one time before the surgery that I especially had to think positively. Two nights before the surgery, my husband was not doing well. His numbers were low. He was in the Dickson Unit (cardiac ICU). His defibrillator had shocked him twice and the doctors felt it would just be safer to keep him there. The nurses were fantastic and let me stay with him, not like I was going anywhere either. As anyone who has been in the hospital, you know you do not get any sleep there. He needed his sleep so his body can start to recover. He finally fell asleep but alarms kept going off in the room & he would wake up worried. I would see that it was his breathing; it was not registering once he fell asleep. Did he stop breathing? What was going on? I spoke to the nurse and she told me that where they put the lead for the breathing it just wasn’t picking up his breath. Once he fell asleep his breathing was shallow so it would stop picking up his breath and an alarm would sound. Just take deep breaths and all will be well. How can you tell yourself to breathe deep when you are asleep? So there I sat from midnight to seven in the morning watching him sleep. Praying that he continue to breathe, willing him to breathe. With every breath I just stared at his chest. I started a rhythm in my mind, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out; like I was teaching him to do Lamaze. I was praying, praying for him to make it through the night. Thinking of how when morning came what we had to do to get him mentally ready for the surgery. I never gave myself the opportunity to think, to even let the idea begin in my mind of him not making it through the night. I was already thinking of how our life was going to be once he made it out of surgery, how great it was going to be to have him home again. What we were going to do on our next vacation. How great it was going to feel to have him going to sleep next to me in our bed, in our home.

Was it the positive thoughts that made him get better? Was the praying that did it? Was it just the great hands of the surgeon that brought him back to me? I have no idea. Maybe it was one thing; maybe it was all of it put together.

All I know is that I never gave myself the chance to be negative. I couldn’t be negative. Being negative or thinking negatively just makes you stressful, it worries you, and it saps you of your energy. I was always positive. I was looking for the silver lining, for my rainbow and now my husband is healthy.

So what do you have to lose if you think positively? Nothing, but you have just so much to gain.

3 Responses to Does positive thinking lead to positive results?

  • Awesome!

  • Jason Fitzgerald says:

    Well put.. We all need to get on that train.

  • Evelyn Vazquez says:

    There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.

    Simple words that hold so much truth. No need for doubt or negativity life is full of pleasure, when you’re negative you never see the pleasures but only the pain.

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