Count Your Blessings

Many times we find ourselves in a situation that is pressing or unfavorable. It can be anything from an economic misfortune, a bad health report or a change in our relationship status. When we are faced with such adversity it is natural to center our focus mainly on  the horrific event and dwell on it.  We start to despair and lose sight of all the other things around us and develop a tunnel vision of the problem.  Depending on the severity of the situation, it can throw us for a tailspin, which may be very hard to recover from.


Once we get knocked down, it takes great assertiveness to get back up.  Unfortunately, during  these difficult times it seems as though we are in a world of dominoes, where one event is the catalyst for further misfortune. I am sure that we all can relate to a particular time in our lives, perhaps not too long ago, that this has happened to us.  This is part of living, we just need to readjust our mindset, so that we can be able to move past these moments. There is no such thing as being too old or unable to change, we just have to have a desire to improve ourselves and live a better life.


When something bad happens in our lives it can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is upon us.  There seems to be no sense of hope or a way out.  The longer it takes to overcome our obstacle, the more defeated we become.  Probably one of the best ways to put things in perspective is to look beyond the actual event and focus on something good that could be gained from it.  It is necessary to look at the situation from an outside point of view and not internalize it.  An example of this is something that happened to me.  When I was in the hospital with chronic heart failure, the prognosis is not very good.  As one doctor very bluntly put it, I should have been dead. It was extremely difficult to find something good out of this situation, but so much good did come out of it.


For starters, I saw the blessing of having an amazing life mate, my wife.  No matter how difficult the situation got for her, she was always in my corner to support me and love me, unconditionally.  I realized how fortunate I was to have somebody like that in my life, she became my greatest motivation to fight back so hard to regain my health.  This situation also brought my whole family together, even though under the distress, it gave me an opportunity to say the things that I have never said before. Things such as “thank, you”, “I love you” and “forgive me”.  During my time in the hospital, I met some of the most amazing people that dedicate their life to caring and saving others.  I drew strength and  support from them and have found an everlasting friendship in them.


One of the most memorable moments that I will always remember is, when my mother came to my bedside and told my wife and I of how many staff members from the hospital have asked her about my condition.  She mentioned how impressed she was by the number of people that approached her in various places in the hospital, as she moved around.  My mother told me that she was totally astounded at the way that I could attract and befriend so many people, from a hospital bed. At that moment, I realized that if this event had never occurred I would never have had the opportunity to touch the lives of so many people.


Well, since then I have had my heart transplant and am doing incredibly well.  This website and blog are just a speck of all the good that has come from this one experience.  I could sit here and feel disheartened about the difficulties from this situation, but instead I choose to see all the blessings and good things that have come out of it.  My Domino rally is moving forward, one good thing after another.  When I am given the opportunity to help others facing difficulties, I eagerly look forward to helping them start counting the blessings and disregard the circumstances.  When we overcome an obstacle we will receive blessings, in abundance.



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  • Retired New York City police officer
  • coping with heart disease since 1996
  • had defibrillator/pacemaker implanted in Oct 2003
  • had Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implanted in September 2009
  • Received heart transplant September 2010.
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