The 7 Steps to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is often described as the belief of performing something successfully. Basically, it is the feeling of certainty to be able to accomplish a given task.  We need confidence in our lives to achieve various objectives.  Beginning at… Continue reading

How to deal with Cyber Bullying

This topic has been making a lot of headlines in the news, lately.  The topic that I am referring to is cyber bullying.  I am sure that we have seen, heard or even know of someone who has… Continue reading

It is time for Change!

Some people welcome change, while others defy it.  Change is happening all around us, it is part of our lives and part of the world that we live in.  We sometimes have advance notice of change that is… Continue reading

Does positive thinking lead to positive results?

written by Milja Saldarriaga

Well, does it? If you think positively will you get positive results? Many people argue this point. Some say only action leads to positive results, others say prayer, while others say it’s just pure luck.

This… Continue reading

The Most Frequently Asked Question

This is a video response of the most frequently asked question, that I get. Please Enjoy! Keep the questions coming.

German (Sal) & Milja Saldarriaga
Fort Mill, SC

I am available for lectures, consulting, life coaching, motivational speaking, interviews and appearances.

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My Life Experience

  • Retired New York City police officer
  • coping with heart disease since 1996
  • had defibrillator/pacemaker implanted in Oct 2003
  • had Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implanted in September 2009
  • Received heart transplant September 2010.
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