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… for people who are encountering medical difficulties or life altering situations. Through the use of techniques, knowledge and helpful methods, I will offer generalized and specific guidance in a various array of topics and current situations. The same methodology can be used to achieve new levels of success, excellence and confidence. It is my intention to provide real-life examples, interviews, videos and a vast selection of media to demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques.

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Once you start to implement my simple approach to unlock your hidden potential and start to observe the immeasurable dividends of health, happiness, triumph and prosperity. We all have the ability to overcome amazing obstacles, we just need to focus, trained and be disciplined enough to obtain the solution, rather than dwell, on the problem.

During the course of our everyday lives, we encounter numerous amounts of hardships. The dexterity of how we come out from these hardships is determined by our mental, spiritual and social aptitude. It is my goal to help you realize that despite your background, social status, education or past, it is possible to find closure and resolve to any situation. We all have the potential to achieve greatness, sometimes that potential is suppressed due to circumstances that we ourselves do not realize exist. Once this hurdle is overcome, you will see that you will actualize dreams that once seemed impossible.

  • You will bring abundant favor and bliss into your life.
  • Exhibit that confidence that will bring promotion, joy, good health and prominence.
  • Your example will astonish even your worst critics.
  • The effects will be virtually magical.
  • Your boundaries will be limitless.

I invite you to join me in this amazing journey of enlightenment and discovery as we boost our limits. German (Sal) Saldarriaga is available for lectures, consulting, life coaching, motivational speaking, interviews and appearances.


German (Sal) & Milja Saldarriaga
Fort Mill, SC

I am available for lectures, consulting, life coaching, motivational speaking, interviews and appearances.

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My Life Experience

  • Retired New York City police officer
  • coping with heart disease since 1996
  • had defibrillator/pacemaker implanted in Oct 2003
  • had Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implanted in September 2009
  • Received heart transplant September 2010.
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